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Functional and Fitness Classes

Functional and Fitness Classes

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Functional Fitness Classes

“Use Your Body Weight -To- Lose Your Body Weight”


Is it possible? Really !!!. No Way. You must be joking, aren’t you!

No guys, I am not joking at all.

Yes, it is absolutely possible, to lose your body weight, just by using only your body weight.

You just need to undergo the “Body Weight Functional Training” program. That’s it.

You all look amused. Let me guess? You guys haven’t heard of it yet?

Hmm, you want to know about it.

Come on then, what are you waiting for, go on, continue reading.


“Expensive Gyming Vs Free-of-cost Gyming”

Shelling out a hefty amount, to avail a gym membership can surely increase your monthly budget, but will do little wonder to your mismanaged body weight and shape. Even after spending hours and hours in front of those gigantic shiny mirrors, lifting all kinds of heavy weights and using a variety of equipment, one usually does not find an inch of the body coming into good shape. But, with Body Weight Functional Training, the scenario is positively different and inspiringly amazing.


Body Weight Functional Training: Newage Equipment Free Gyming”

Luckily, the best part of this functional training is that you’ll not only, burn the extra body weight, but you will also get an amazing body shape minus any equipment or gyming. For this training, one can aptly comment that, as iron sharpens iron, the body weight shapes the body. This body weight training constitutes of all the essential movements such as squats, push ups, lunges, pull ups, plank variations, rows and other primal movements. One should also be able to have the skills to climb, crawl, sprint and jump. All these movements can be easily performed without any specialized gym equipment and can be worked out from any place say a bedroom, a garden, empty playground, a building terrace, mountain peak, riverbed, almost anywhere without much ado for a special place.


“What to expect in this training program”

Bodyweight training acts as a foundation allowing oneself to get accustomed to all other kinds of strength training and exercising skills. Though one can use a variety of training movements and variations, the basics remain the same. The key to a successful training session is the WARM-UP done at the start. A good WARM-UP before a training session is synonymous to a good starter before the main course is served.

A 5-minute WARM-Up can constitute, few or a combination of all as listed below:

  • Running at one place,
  • Rope jumping,
  • Pedaling an exercising bike,
  • Push ups, punching and kicking in air,
  • Jogging up and down the stairs
  • Swinging your arms and legs
  • Any kind of simple movement(s) which can make your muscles warm and start pumping your heart rate.

Warning: Don’t overdo the WARM-UP session else you will get completely worn out even before the commencement of the training session.


Now, moving towards the main course of Functional Training one is expected to do the following:

  • Standing Poses: Allows to build-up leg strength and provides muscular flexibility in the hips and hamstrings.
  • Bodyweight Squats: 20 or 25; “Ass to Grass” type. Here, just imagine your self, sitting down on a chair and immediately standing up right back without allowing yourself to lean forward and doing this in repetition.
  • Push Ups: 5 or 10, “Chest to Deck” type.
  • Pull Ups: 5 or 10, “Chest to Bar” type.
  • Lunges: 20 or 25, “Walking Lunges” per leg. Here, remember to position your eyesight gaze straight ahead and maintain your body posture as completely verticle to the ground.
  • Handstand Push Ups or Pike Presses: 3 or 5.
  • Recline Rows or Jumping Jacks: 20
  • Hanging Knee Tucks: 10
  • Plank Hold: 15 to 90 second


Follow this routine for 2 -3 times weekly, allowing a gap of one day between each functional training session.

After completing your daily workout do remember to stretch out your muscles by doing some simple stretching movements. This will allow the rebuilding of your stretched out and contracted muscles because of the training session. Remember, muscles are build during resting and not during exercising. So, do spend some quality rest time in between the sessions and maintain the healthy diet. Say no, to junk and crappy foods like beverages, deep-fried snacks, sweets, alcohol etc. and lay your hands on green vegetables, healthy fats, proteins, natural and wholesome foods. A good and healthy diet is the primary key to a successful Body Weight Functional Training program.


“Food for Thought”

So, guys, I hope after reading up to this point, you must have got some basic understanding about the functional training program. And I am very much confident that you will Use Your Body Weight -To- Lose Your Body Weight, soon.


And if you need any support or guidance, you can always count on FitFortunes.



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20th April 2015