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Corporate Wellness Classes

Corporate Wellness Classes

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“Corporate Yoga Classes: Fitter Employees can usher Business Growth”


In any Corporate, the manpower or the employees are one of the most important assets of the whole setup. The success of any corporate business is heavily dependent on their employee’s productivity and work performance. If the employees are allowed to rust with the passing years, then this can really harm the brand image of the corporate, in turn ruining the growth prospects in the long run. Due to the growing age, daily work stress, family tensions, financial issues etc., every employee is bound to face some or the other health issue. Hence, it is essential for the corporates to employ certain positive measures which enable the employees to stay focused on their work and give the desired output. Organizing fitness classes frequently, within the office premises can be one such positive measure. Such classes can help to root in, both physical and mental fitness within the employee’s work environment, as well as in their day to day life.


“Need of a Corporate Yoga Class”

Research shows, that employees taking up some sort of exercise, do stay at home for a lesser duration than those who never practice any exercise form. This results in increased work productivity for the corporates. According to another research, it is found that 70 to 90 percent of the total health care spending among the corporates, worldwide is caused due to several preventable or modifiable health problems such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, obesity etc. A Fitness class organized within the office premises will not only help in keeping the employee fit and healthy but will also bring in more business due to increase in productivity and work performance.

“Benefits of Corporate Yoga Classes to the Corporates or Employers”

  • Gradual Decrease in Healthcare Costs: Organizing fitness classes for the employees has proven very effective in reducing the costs spent on employee health care. Such classes serve a dual purpose as they not only help in maintaining employee fitness but also allows saving of costs on costly healthcare policies and practices.
  • Increase in Morale levels among the Employees: The outcome of these classes is a more happy and relaxed lot of employees. This results into maximization of employee performance. Their moral levels are increased when they understand that the company is taking the initiative to organize fitness classes for their betterment only. This also prevails a sense of loyalty and responsibility among them.
  • The rate of Absenteeism gets reduced: Numerous factors can be accounted for employee absenteeism. An employee can remain absent either due to a minor health problem like cold, flu etc. or a major health issue like heart disease. Employee participation in a fitness class can really reduce such minor health problems and can keep a check on the major health problems as well. Reduced rate of absenteeism means an increase in productivity and reduction in costs spent on hiring part-timers.
  • Increased Employee Productivity: A healthy employee has better concentration, increased energy level, and keen focus than an unhealthy employee, thus maximizing the resultant output. Hence, employees living healthier lifestyles can lead to increase in productivity at work due to improved participation rates.
  • Reduced Overall Costs: Though it is hard to quantify the gains accrued from increased morale levels, increased productivity and work performance, reduced absenteeism rates, reduced healthcare costs etc. in straightforward monetary terms, but employee fitness classes can effectively contribute towards a reduction in overall costs.


“Benefits of Corporate Yoga Classes to the Employees”

  • Not only improves their physical strength and stamina but also their general well being.
  • Helps them to have more focus towards their professional duties.
  • Reduction in a number of leaves due to minor health problems.
  • Helps in keeping a check on major health problems.
  • Increases the job satisfaction level, thus fostering a positive attitude.
  • Induces positive attitude in them.
  • Helps in formation of positive relations among the peers, and other co-workers.


“Why we teach Power Yoga at Corporate Yoga Classes?”

  • Being a modernized adaptation of Yoga, individuals enjoy practicing it.
  • Provides a good body posture as well as an increase in the muscular strength.
  • Undesired calories are burnt out to a great extent.
  • It improves the Immune System of the body.
  • Gradual reduction in mental stress or professional tensions.
  • The sweat generated during performing this yoga approach helps in removal of toxins from the body.


“Why we teach Vinyasa at Corporate Yoga Classes?”

  • Employees benefit with increased concentration levels.
  • Helps in keeping the focus on the asana being performed.
  • No mandatory asana. The most flexible type of yoga approach.
  • Choice of a variety of asana to be performed in every session.
  • A great fun based yoga approach.
  • Best suited for beginners and first timers.


“Why we teach Meditation at Corporate Yoga Classes?”

  • Increases attention span of the employees, thus increasing the productivity rate.
  • Employee performance is improved due to the improvement in metabolism and reduction in body weight.
  • Reduces work stress among the employees.
  • Concentration and focus towards handling day to day professional commitments are increased gradually.
  • Keeps the mood fresh and improves sleep quality.
  • Brain functioning is improved, creating more focus towards completion of the targets assigned.
  • Allows one to bond well with one’s inner self.
  • Both professional and social relationships are improved.


“Food for Thought”

Organizing Corporate Fitness Classes within the office premises on a regular basis can create a positive brand image, usher business growth, reduce employee leaves and prevail a harmonious atmosphere within the Corporate employees. Approaches such as power yoga, vinyasa, and meditation not only help the employees to stay physically fit but also helps them to achieve a sense of mental tranquillity.


So, if you wish to hire us for conducting a Corporate Fitness Class at your premises or want to know more about, what we teach in a Corporate Fitness Class, then do send us an email or feel free to contact us.



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20th April 2015