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In today’s society we are often pulled in multiple directions, rarely taking the time out we deserve. Our retreat holidays are exactly that, holidays! Designed specifically for you to meet like minded; to relax, move your body and to enjoy nourishing food, helping you to feel your best.






 Incredible India


India is possibly the only country where you will find people of different faiths and religions living in complete harmony. People enjoy celebrating each other festivals and treat each other as their brothers and sisters.


India Tour & Yoga Retreat

Yoga tourism is an act in which people from all around the world travel to other countries to obtain salvation & medical care while at the same time touring, vacationing, and fully experiencing the attractions of the countries in which they are visiting.

What is the importance of Aarti in Hinduism?

An Aarti is a Hindu ritual which is performed to express an individual’s love and gratitude to God. It is derived from a Sanskrit term ‘Aratrika’ which is referred to light that removes the darkness or “Aa” means “towards or to” and “Rati” means “right”.

Significance of a Mind Muscle Connection during Yoga!

Feeling the Yogasana is considerably more than just do an incorrect pose. It requires the full mental limit and clearness. However, many neglects to do this when working excursion

Ujjain A City of Hundred Great Temples

UJJAIN considered as one of the seven sacred cities for Hindus. An ancient city situated on the banks of Shipra River in Madhya Pradesh.

Is Yoga a Religion? Does it make you Hindu?

Yoga and Religion, the great debate is in almost everybody’s mind. There are so many opinions and conversations which can lead to confusion or prejudice. Most of the time we get confused between these two terms but what is the truth of yoga, very few of us is aware...

Indian Religious Tourism & Their Perspective!

According To Indian Hindu Mythology All Together Called  ” Chaar Dhaam” AreKedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri And Yamunotri.Apart From These The 12 Sacred Temples Of Lord Shiva SituatedIn the Various States Of The Country Called The Jyortilingas HaveThey’re Own Important.

7 Exercise Substitutions for Faster Fat Loss Without Going to Gym

To start with everyone moving towards better health and Beach Body. And, in this self-care people first choice is joining a gym for exercise.

Introduction to Second Chapter of Bhagwat Geeta

In this chapter of the Geeta, Shri Krishna begins to treat Arjuna’s turmoil. Knowledge of Bhagwat Geeta by Shri Krishna starts with this chapter.

Total Chapters in Bhagwad Geeta

A brief introduction to the eighteen chapters of the Geeta. In our Earlier Blog, we have discussed the Plot of Bhagwad Geeta. Now, in this Blog, we bring out the total Chapters of it. So, divided into eighteen chapters and all of them have various kind of complete...

Introduction to Bhagwat Geeta

Shrimadbhagwad Geeta is not only the Indian but also the most read religious texts in the world. Translated into almost all languages of the world.

Selfcare is not Selfishness its a Need for Healthy Life

Do you feel guilty in considering yourself as a priority? Selfcare is not being selfish. It’s about loving your own-self. We are workaholic people running around to get things right. But for others. If you consider yourself to be the weighing machine, the heavier...

How Hindu Mythology Discovered as Modern Science

Hi, guys we are back today to discuss one interesting topic relating to science and Hindu mythology. People often believe that mythological stories related to past literature and art. And, have nothing to do with science and present. But if you think so, you are...

PanchaKarma The Ayurvedic Detoxification Treatments

Not to mention Ayurveda has given the world innumerable things. These things have helped to transform a world full of ailments to one which is fit and healthy. The endless significance of Ayurveda providing you with an alternative way of medication. Being the most...

Karma The Things Behind Theory of Karma

Karma, A Sanskrit word means– “actions” or “deeds”. Law of karma occupies a central position in Indian philosophy. The spiritual law which was, later on, explained scientifically as Newton's third law of Physics. “To every action, there is an equal and...

The 3 Gunas of Nature and Their Effect

Gunas, As we all know The world around us is rich with various elements of nature or Prakriti. Similarly, nature around us is a perfect blend of forms, senses, and life. And each of these elements possesses their "Gunas" "गुण" or Quality/Property/kind/types....

Pancha Mahabhutas and Their Importance

Panchamahabhutas, Our lives are governed by different elements and sensations. How we think, consume and reciprocate to the universe around us.

Top 7 Places for Yoga Retreat in India

Top 7 Places for Yoga Retreat in India Yoga retreats, Spreading in India like never before. Before getting into discussion let me ask you a simple thing - Do you feel stressed out? In this modern era, our mind and soul scream out for peace. A regular stay at home in...

Being a Yogi is not Just the Physical Performance

Being a Yogi is not Just the Physical Performance The perception of fitness has changed with time under the influence of social media. Yoga, for example, is not a physical art to be mastered in 2 weeks. Online coaches who encourage fitness challenges, also promote...

How Yoga Changes Life its A Stepwise Journey

Yoga has the power to change a person, physically, emotionally and psychologically, for the better.It is a beautiful path of self-assertation

Gokarna – The little Paradise of Nature

Gokarna is known as the land of temples and beaches. It attracts thousands of tourists every year. People come here in search of relaxation and peace.

Rishikesh The Golden Gate to Self

When your mind at peace you will start finding happiness. The combination of Rishikesh and Yoga provides you with such treatment, making your stiff muscles and Mind relaxed.

Yoga poses which Energize your Body Early-Morning

Yoga poses which Energize your Body Early-Morning The fading sunlight shimmers through curtain curtains, greeting you from the peaceful slumber. Good morning. Isn't it such a pleasant day? We wish to fall back to bed but the day ahead brings new goals, chores, and...

Yoga’s Power to Cure Depression

Yoga's Power to Cure Depression Have you ever felt too tired to get out of bed, even after a whole night of sleep? Or cancelled on meeting a friend as it got too overwhelming suddenly. These are not signs of laziness. Yes, many people feel we are too lazy to perform...

Best of Varanasi

Varanasi Considered being the world’s oldest and holiest city among Hinduism. Also, Known as Banaras or Kashi.

Tips for staying healthy and fit even with a 9-5 Job

Tips for staying healthy and fit even with a Regular 9.00-5.00 Job When was the last time your office-lunch was something healthy, cooked at home? Our lives become quite hectic especially for the youngsters new to the 9 to 5 lives to Stayfit. But this does not mean...

History and Rituals of Holi

History and Rituals of Holi The festival of colours, "Holi" endows us with such special moments in which we can distribute love and compassion with our near and dear ones. People leave all the grudges in past and try to move on while celebrating the occasion of Holi....

Best places to celebrate Holi

Holi Festival Best places to Visit and Celebrate Holi "Festival of Colors" one of the ancient Indian and Hindu festival which has become popular with non-Hindus in many parts of South Asia, as well as people of other communities outside Asia. When the festival...

Jaipur – The city that makes golden triangle tour magnificent

Jaipur – The city that makes golden triangle tour magnificent Also Called the "Pink City" of India. Nearly 250 Km Away from  New Delhi. Jaipur is one of the most significant cities in India. Architecture, food, local culture, traditions. As well as, markets make it...

Agra- A magical city – Golden Triangle tour!

Agra- A magical city - Golden Triangle tour! Many people relate Agra only with the Taj Mahal. But there are many places to visit in Agra and around, besides India's most famous monument - the Taj Mahal. To begin with, the city houses many interesting remnants of the...

DELHI – The City Which Makes an iconic Golden Triangle tour!

DELHI - The City Which Makes an iconic Golden Triangle tour! Delhi is a land of great heritage. Further more it is enshrined with a lot of monuments. Indeed wonderful building, temples and many more sightseeing. Which make this city of great architectural and tourist...

Best Time to Visit the Golden Triangle – a short guide!

  Best Time to Visit the Golden Triangle - a short guide! Golden Triangle Tour covers the three major cities from three Major States of India. Agra, Delhi the Capital of India, Rajasthan-Jaipur. These three places are the most unique sites in India. They offer...

10 Jaw Dropping Facts About Infamous Aghoris!

Jaw-Dropping Facts About Infamous Aghoris! Most feared clan of Sadhus or ascetics of India, "The Aghori Sadhus". They have always been a subject of curiosity among us. We have all seen their pictures and some might have met them. Aghori’s ignite a level of...

Kumbh Mela 2019 – World’s largest religious gathering – A must visit!

Kumbh Mela 2019 - World’s largest religious gathering – A must visit! Kumbh Mela an astounding festival of Hindus. Hence a splendid cultural treat.  In other words, a celebration that symbolizes life, divinity, and spirituality. Moreover, an experience that goes...

For All the Bread Lovers

Know the Nutrition Value of the Bread you Eating Before we go deep into the nutrition of bread lets discuss why we need to take care of our nutrition. Firstly you have to Calculate what you eat if you are finding it hard to manage your weight. Secondly, Try foods...

Five Kosha’s

Our Five Koshas Kosha is a layer or a sheath. One of the teachings of the Upanishads is that there are five sheaths/koshas surrounding the Self. Individual Consciousness. In the Tantric viewpoint, these layers are not Maya (illusion). They are another form of...

ArjunVishad The First Chapter of Bhagwad Geeta

Continuing Forward from our Introduction part. Now, we move to the detailed study of each chapter of Bhagwad Geeta Slowly. So, in the first chapter Scene of the battlefield in Kurukshetra appears. In which, the armies of Kurus and Pandavas standing against each...

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The words awesome aerobics, fun workout, best zumba, amazing choreography, enthusiastic trainer…are all synonymous with Karam. He is an immensely talented instructor with the right blend of seriousness and fun. I have been going for his classes for almost six months now and every single class has been totally worth it! Come, join his classes to experience awesome fitness workout!!

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Whenever i think of fitness program, Karam sir’s aerobics class automatically comes in my mind . It boosts me both physically and mentally . Its Your sincerity and dedication which motivates all the students. Thank u so much Sir !!

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Aerobics class by Karam is awesome. Everytime you find something new in his class. He adds so much fun to the workout and you feel like keep going. Keep up the good work Karam.

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Karam is fabulous in aerobics & dance. He is doing amazing workout.
Keep it up karam
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